Chairman's Corner

Message from the NEW Cumberland County GOP Chair
March 6, 2023

Greetings to ALL current and future Cumberland County Republicans! First and foremost, THANK YOU to all delegates that voted in support of the “Team Cumberland” slate at our recent Cumberland County Republican Convention. Team Cumberland is appreciative and excited for your support. We know that there is much to do within the County to move the GOP forward! We MUST work hard to recoup our Republican voters. We're asking for your help and support in recruiting Republican Party membership within Cumberland County. It is my hope that you will take an active role in our cause for individual rights, limited government, states’ rights, and the values the Republican Party has always stood for: freedom, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

As each of you know, during our current times, our key party principles are under attack from the far-left who seek to expand government control over every aspect of our lives and in every sector of our economy. We see the decline in our schools. We've witnessed senseless COVID lockdowns, disruptions in our supply chains, and the threats to our personal choices, our religious freedoms, and free speech. To win, we must grow our party. We need committed, RED Republicans. We must and will fight for Election Integrity, and we will make certain that every precinct in Cumberland County is properly represented and supported. Local precincts are truly the grassroots of politics and we need Republican “boots on the ground” to spread our winning message!

Community outreach is essential to grow the party. People must know the truth about Republicans — that we embrace all Americans from every walk of life, we are generous, and we want all people to prosper and flourish in a free nation. We’re on a mission to engage more Republicans to get involved, especially young Republicans and new voters. My pledge is to serve alongside you in the Cumberland County community, at voter registration and volunteer events, fundraisers, and on the campaign trail so we turn Cumberland County Red! Keep a look out as your Cumberland County GOP begins a significant number of initiatives to spread the Republican Party message. Some initiatives include:

• Listening Tours throughout the County to discuss Republican initiatives and seek engagement from citizens.
• Meet and Greet sessions to allow Republicans across the county to get to know one another in more friendly and casual environments.
• Grow the Precinct Chairs by reaching out to key Republicans throughout the County and encouraging volunteers to get involved in grassroots politics.
• Pursue a long-term solution to an ongoing building problem! It’s challenging to ask people to get involved without having a permanent location! We need a building!
• Identify prospective Republican candidates and provide opportunities for them to learn more about how to campaign, fundraise, developing supporters, etc.
• We will hold fundraisers to adequately support a facility, host community events, and support General Election candidates.


On behalf of the Cumberland County GOP and its Executive Board, I want to express our gratitude for your support.


Yours in Liberty,
Nina Morton
Chairman, CCGOP