Rules for the 2023 Convention

Approved Rules of the

2023 Cumberland County North Carolina

Republican Party Convention



Rule 1

 It is the purpose of these Rules to provide for a fair and open convention in a manner that facilitates the business of the Convention, respects the rights of the majority and minority, and encourages full participation by all registered delegates who have met Delegate requirements, attended their Precinct Meeting, were registered as a Republican voter in Cumberland County, NC, by January 31, 2023, and present in the Convention Hall.  



Rule 2

The Convention Committees shall be the Committees on Credentials, Rules Committee, Plan of Organization Committee, and Resolutions Committee


  • Committee on Credentials. The Chair of the Committee on Credentials shall report to the Convention the number of Delegates who have registered for the Convention and who are entitled to be on the Convention floor.


  • Rules Committee. The Rules Committee shall cause a copy of these Rules to be distributed to the registered Delegates.  These Rules are subject to the approval of the Convention.


  • Plan of Organization Committee. The Plan of Organization Committee may offer amendments to the current Cumberland County Republican Party Plan of Organization, including amendments that may be necessary to conform to the North Carolina Republican Party Plan of Organization, or if no amendments to the Plan or Organization are adopted, the current Plan of Organization in effect at the time the Convention convenes will be deemed to have been adopted.


  • Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee chair shall report any Resolution prepared for consideration by the Convention and provide at least 100 copies for the Delegates of any Resolution recommended by the Committee.



Rule 3

(A) Convention registration shall be conducted 8:00-9:00 AM, Saturday, March 4, 2023, at the Convention site (Freedom Christian Academy, 3130 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC 28306).

(B) Each Delegate and Alternate must be in line by 9:00AM at the convention registration desk to:

  • Complete a Delegate Form
  • Register with Credentials Official
  • Sign-in on the Delegate roster
  • Pay their $5.00 convention fee, and
  • Receive a wristband before entering the Convention Hall.

(C)  Each Delegate and Alternate must sign-in and attend their Precinct Meeting before the Convention Call to Order and deposit their Delegate Form in the Precinct folder.



Rule 4

The Cumberland County North Carolina Republican Party Convention shall be called to order at 9:30 AM on Saturday, March 4, 2023, and recess at approximately 12:00 PM (as determined by the convention Chair). 



Rule 5

  • The County Chair shall appoint the Officers of the Convention -- Convention Chair, Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • The Convention Chair shall appoint a Parliamentarian and any additional Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms as necessary.



Rule 6

  •  The report of the Committee on Credentials shall be received, amended if necessary, and approved before any Convention business is conducted.
  • After the report is received, Delegates and Alternates to the Congressional District Conventions and State Convention shall be elected.



Rule 7

  • A majority of the registered and credentialed Delegates, as approved by the Convention, shall constitute a quorum sufficient to conduct business.
  • Only credentialed Delegates present in the Convention shall be allowed to vote. A Delegate must be seated in the designated Delegate section at the time a vote is taken, or engaged in the required business of the Convention, in order to cast a vote.



Rule 8

  • No motion shall be in order unless each maker and seconder thereof shall first state their name and precinct.
  • No Delegate shall speak in Convention longer than two (2) minutes at any one time, nor more than once on any motion open for discussion, except for the maker of a motion, who shall be allowed to speak a second time on his motion after all other Delegates recognized by the Convention Chair have done so.
  • Debate on any substantive issue shall consist of a maximum of two rounds of debate. Each round shall be a maximum of five (5) minutes divided between speakers for and against.
  • Debate on any procedural issue shall consist of a maximum of two rounds of debate. The round shall be a maximum of two (2) minutes.



Rule 9

A time keeper appointed by the Convention Chairman shall indicate to each speaker, a thirty (30) second warning before the expiration of the allotted time.



Rule 10

  • No person shall be seated as a Delegate or Alternate of the Convention unless duly elected a Delegate or Alternate at their respective Precinct meeting prior to the Call to Order of the Convention.
  • An Alternate may not vote on any matter before the Convention unless they shall be first credentialed as a Delegate.
  • Voting on motions shall be by voice vote or by the standing vote of Delegates.
  • Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot unless there is a motion, made and approved, to accept a nominee by acclamation.
  • There shall be no proxy voting.
  • A Delegate casting a vote must be on the floor of the Convention at the time such vote is cast and recorded.
  • A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary for the election of Officers of the Cumberland County Republican Party. In the event that a majority is not received by the nominee receiving the highest number of votes, subsequent balloting shall be conducted; prior to each such succeeding vote, the nominee with the fewest votes shall not be further considered for election.



Rule 11

In the odd numbered years, the Convention Chairman shall appoint a Teller Committee of at least two (2), to count ballots. Each nominee for an office may name an observer to observe the Teller Committee.



Rule 12

  • Elections Rules apply in odd-numbered years when the Officers of the Cumberland County Republican Party are elected, and when an even-numbered year election is required to fill any officer vacancy..
  • Nominations for Slates of the Cumberland County Republican Party will be made by Convention Delegates upon recognition by the Convention Chair. Nominations for and election of a Slate shall consist of Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large, and other officers as defined in the Plan of Organization. A Slate cannot be changed after a nomination is seconded and will be treated as a closed slate therein. Each person nominating a Slate will be allocated a total of two (2) minutes for their nominating speech. 
  • Up to three Delegates may second a nomination from the floor of the Convention upon recognition from the Convention Chair for the purpose of stating their name and precinct, and the name and office of the Nominee or Slate being seconded. No seconding speeches will be allowed.
  • Before balloting for election to an office, each Candidate or Slate shall be allowed five (5) minutes to address the convention in contested races. The order of the speeches to address the convention shall be by drawing.



Rule 13

All guests of the Convention must remain seated in the section designated for guests.



Rule 14

The Sergeant-at-Arms, with the Convention Chairman’s approval, shall maintain the right to have any disruptive Delegates, Alternates or guests who refuse to adhere to the rules of the convention removed from the convention floor.



Rule 15

Any Resolution proposed from the Convention floor shall first be reduced to writing and distributed to Delegates and Alternates prior to the report of the Committee on Resolutions. A minimum of one hundred (100) copies of any such proposed Resolution must be provided by the maker of the Resolution and distributed to Delegates and Alternates as required by this Rule in order to be considered by the Convention.



Rule 16

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, most current edition, shall govern this Convention when applicable and when not inconsistent with these rules and the State Plan of Organization.



Rule 17

These rules shall be adopted upon a majority vote of the Delegates and Alternates sitting as Delegates at the Convention and may be suspended during the Convention by a two-thirds vote, except that the rules contained herein which are drawn from or implement provisions of the State Plan of Organization may not be suspended.



Rule 18

 The fundamental rules contained herein shall remain in effect and govern until new Rules are adopted at a subsequent Convention of the Cumberland County Republican Party